Marco Santana

Sr. Software Engineer & DevOps


Florianópolis, Brazil


+55 48 9 9608 4789


What I am all about.

Fullstack developer, DBA and DevOps with over two decades of software programming, database design and networks implementations. Extremely up to date with all the new stuff, but yet with that experienced eye to identify new good tech and make them work fast and productively. I like to keep learning, and my work need to be meaningful, helping people, creating an impact in the product.

Savvy on Cloud Services from all the major providers, with at least one year with each, and also working with cross-providers and multi-cloud scenarios.

Spent over six years at Microsoft Brazil where the opportunity of working with the biggest companies in my country has taken place, helping out sales team to raise revenue through technology support.

I like to consider myself as a versatile developer, using the right language for the right project, and constantly exploring new ideas and solutions.

For more than fifteen years I have been writing software for Microsoft platform, more than ten years for corporate web sites, intranet applications and mobile applications.

I am currently focusing on establishing a state of art knowledge on cloud solutions, through the integration of Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, Softlayer and Azure with frameworks well accepted by the market such as .NET Framework with SQL and Oracle, MEAN Stack, PHP with mySql, Wordpress and others. You give me a technology to work with, you see your investments return with profits graciously.


Meaningul resilience.

Software Development

Throughout these over 20 years of experience, making software while following tendencies and technology evolution becomes more of a business than only writing code. The beautiful art of reinventing myself has turned out to me to be my most highlighted skill, being followed closely by a keen eye to be aware very beforehand of what is going to happen to a software architecturally speaking.


Software Architecture

Put a developer team to work together with a mission but without an architectural pragmatic approach and all those brilliant ideas will probably become a mess with either hyper choices or lazy approaches. Let alone the lack of quality or overzealous code. Architecture is the computer science of putting the best technology at work to those requirements a project needs in order for being delivered to the customer with full satisfaction and user astonishment.



I am a little bias to talk about my JavaScript skills. That's because this is the language I am truly in love with, at the very passion phase. I have been writing code with just about anything, but few technologies and languages I could see as the ones to make technology to jump an era or two and become a true milestone to mankind's evolution. I love ES6, I don't like TypeScript so much, but I know it fairly well, of course, I stick with ES6 all the way. AngularJS, Angular, Vue.js, and jQuery are all front-end frameworks that I deal very well with. Node.JS is my living room.



Databases are probably the first thing I had contact with, yet when I was still a child. I learned dBase and Cobol data structures, then SQL Server when it was still a beta spin-off from Sybase and I have been with it since then. I have worked extensively with Oracle, MySql and in the last few years, I have given NO-SQL technologies all the attention they deserve. Mongo DB has become my favorite prototyping choice. Mixing both relational and non-relational is not only fun but also a need in most projects we see nowadays.



Windows Forms, ASP.NET, MVC, Web API and .NET Core: Yes, I have done it all. I am working with .Net since its Beta 3, being able to foresee all its strengths and weaknesses throughout their almost two decades of existence. Do you really need .NET and C# at your architectural design? I am the one to make it happen for you.



Today cloud hosting and services is a necessity for any given project. To take advantage of every single provider at its best and avoid its pitfalls is a required need for the software engineer that takes himself seriously. I have worked extensively with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM and also a lot with shared host providers such as GoDaddy.


Team Work and Leadership

Last but never the least, teamwork. Afterall one cannot accomplish great things alone. I love to work with talented people. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity and honor of leading great teams of unique professionals at all stages of their careers. I also had the privilege of being lead by great leaders and I learned a lot from them. I am currently not the leader of my team, but I admire my coordinator and his skills not only as a skilled software developer but also as a humane and caring team head.


The hardest task to evaluate yourself and yet keeping the humbleness









SQL Server




Cloud Services


Hardware and IOT


Keep busy.
Mar 2018 – Present

Softplan Planejamento e Sistemas

SR. Fullstack Engineer

Florianópolis, Brazil

Help to design and write the code along with a super skilled squad team innovative solutions for the civil engineering and construction business.

We use agile, nodejs, mongo and Angular 1 to 5 to make those apps look cool and perform faster and cheaper.

May 2015 – Mar 2018

Portal Telemedicina

Lead Technical Architect

Florianópolis, Brazil

Designed architecture and developed the end-to-end of a new progressive web app based on Asp.Net Web API 2.2, EF 6, Sql Server, AngularJS, Grunt, Functional Programming and Cloud Integration, creating an internal framework and standards to agile the whole development cycle, making the work of new developers swift and easy.

Manage whatever tasks needed to keep Windows and Linux servers up, running, fast and secure on IBM's SoftLayer, Amazon's Aws, Microsoft's Azure and Google Cloud.

Giving assistance to the hiring process of new technical people by evaluation candidates resumes and public technical profiles, interviewing and supporting the on-boarding of new employees.

May 2014 – May 2015

Guru das Ondas

Architect and Developer

Laguna, Brazil

Maintenance Developer, adding new features, migrating solution from shared host to Amazon Web Services, upgrading environment to more up to date technology set, securing the application and the environment against hackers and crackers.

Technology: Node.js, MongoDB, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), Ubuntu, Git, Mercurial, NGINX.

Jan 2014 – Jun 2014

Geogrid Maps

SR. Web Developer

Tubarão, Brazil

Writing code to support the migration of specific GIS features from Flash Action Script to Java Script and jQuery. Using new HTML5 features such as local storage, workers and css animation. Integrating flash application, google maps v3, jstree 3 and php through JSON and Ajax.

Oct 2010 – Mar 2014


SR. Software Engineer, Architect and DBA

Freelance, Home Office, Brazil

Writing new features and fixing bugs whenever needed. Also responsible for improving performance through the appliance of new technology concepts as well as developing and/or rewriting complex routines and transactions.

Nov 2008 – Sep 2010


SR. Software Architect

Florianópolis, Brazil

Project NFSe (Nota Fiscal de Serviço Eletronica - Eletronic Services Invoice)

  • Architecture, Database and Class Design
  • Security core design and implementation with Security Access Level
  • Database implementation and maintenance
  • Team technology brainstorm (for LINQ and MVC)
  • Overall bugs and feature improvements maintenance

Project Clock punch

  • Architecture, Database and Security Core Design and Implementation
  • Overall bugs and feature improvements maintenance and creation of unit tests
  • Core page design and implementation for reporting activities

Provided leadership and mentoring to team of developers

  • Technical Interviews and Coaching
  • Elaboration of tests
  • Selected as interim acting manager during absence of manager

Apr 2008 – Jun 2008



Joinville, Brazil

Delivered a class of the Microsoft Student To Business program. This course with 200 hours took half of those hours with classes about the framework, C#, ASP.Net and ORM for SQL Server, and them with the remaining time to support the students gathered in teams of four to develop an end-to-end application. 100% of good and great feedbacks from students and professors.

Jan 2007 – Oct 2008

Imagem Tecnologia

System Analyst & Developer

Joinville, Brazil

Written Web GPS ASP.NET/Sql Server system for public bus and shuttle company in order to track their vehicles and monitor possible malfunction and/or danger situations

Used Google Maps APIs to pinpoint in real-time the vehicles, terminals, bus stops and routes

Defined deadlines and performing most project management tasks

2002 – 2004


Innovation Center Program Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

Identify key students for the innovation center program, prepare those students to write applications with .NET Framework 1.x and support the development of a proof pilot to leverage the technology adoption

Keep students and professors up to date with .Net best practices absorbed throughout the world

Perform business and administration tasks in the absence of a manager and keeping the satisfaction from all centers above average

Performed all the above tasks at the following centers: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Recife e Fortaleza

2001 – 2002


Account Technical Specialist

São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for having a track of the whole IT department at all accounts I was assigned to

Raise sales opportunities through technology assessment

Engage partners at sales support

Bridge the communication between support (Las Colinas) and technical team at assigned accounts

Fix bugs, apply patches, develop core functionalities for early adoption programs and assist development team to report issues, deploy and test beta versions

1999 – 2001


Applications Engineer

São Paulo, Brazil

Course material development in order to evangelize Microsoft Partners Channel related to distributed and workflow systems and smart cards automation

Studied and supported Microsoft Partners Channel at LOB Applications Development. Those applications were widely used at the knowledge management, business intelligence, ERP and e-commerce horizontal markets and at the retail, industry, government, manufacturing, education and financial vertical markets. I also had the opportunity of writing applications with Microsoft Visual Studio and BackOffice servers such as Exchange 2000, SQL 2000/7.0, Active Directory, Site Server and others

1998 – 1999


Seminar Group Member

São Paulo, Brazil

Development of scenarios, strategies, briefings and workshops for Tools, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence

Accomplishment of several seminars in meetings, talks, events and congresses about Microsoft Technology throughout national territory


Serious advocate of home self-taught learning new skills
2018 – Present

Self Teaching IOT Technologies

IOT and Arduino Practioner


I have been self teaching me the arts of IOT and Industry 4.0 in order to understand how this business works and also to acquire knowledge to be applied at my day-by-day tech work

2012 – Present

Self Teaching Non-Microsoft OS's and Technologies

Linux and OSx Node.js, HTML 5 and CSS3


After a life long of Microsoft Technologies and Microsoft employment I have decided that I needed a radical shift in my technological approaches, and therefore started to take on open source knowledge and usage. From dropping a Windows machine to deliberately avoiding everything Microsoft has their hands on I was able since then to become a very skilled professional in open-source technologies

1993 – 1995

FECAP - Fundação Escola e Comércio Álvares Penteado

Data Processing and Data Processing Technology

São Paulo, Brazil

I always knew what I wanted to do in my life in terms of professional choices. When I was thirteen I had my first contact with a software language (Basic) and then, by the age of fifteen I started this three years technical course in order to get an academic certificate in writing code and managing databases.


People that loved working with me and I can call friends

Claudio Fernando Maciel

CTO at Brokerme

Marco Santana is a skilled professional, full of surprises when it comes down to bringing up inovative solutions for a hefty array of situations within the IT context.

Very easy going person, everyone in the team wil get along with him as soon as one meets him.

Rob Ranches

BI Architect / Data Scientist at Bausch Health

Marco is one of the key figures in developing IT evangelism throughout Brasil, learn fast and is a very dedicated person.

As a developer is a keen guy and it's always ready to help the others.

Jean Paulo da Silva Ramos

CEO Ecovilas - Cabo Frio

Marco is the type of professional you MUST HAVE in your organization, is a kind of professional we met during our career and we want to stay in touch, is one of the best professionals I ever worked with.

Extremely oriented to achieve the goals and always available to support others teams.

His personal values and professional commitments are impressive. In addition to his deep technical knowledge, which needs no further comments, he has a clear vision of users needs.